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NAS Broker Franchise: full support, high-quality investment products and fair conditions

We offer an opportunity to open a NAS Broker branch office in your region as a franchisee.

We are going to launch the branch office “from the ground up”: help you find and equip the office space, set up the equipment and train a strong team for your sales department.

The franchisee’s objective is to attract clients who will be ready to make the initial deposit while we are going to handle administrative matters and client service. Our account managers will help clients to deposit money to the account or withdraw it from the account; they will also answer any questions concerning the trading platform.

Lump-sum payment: $10,000
Income: 15% of the profit + $4 for each lot
Minimum budget: $40,000
Break-even point: 5 months after launching
Profitability: 30%
Pay-back period: 12—14 months
Concise business plan and detailed presentation
We will call you back within two business days in order to make acquaintance, and then we will send you the business plan and the presentation by e-mail.

We do everything we can for our partners to make money

Our goal is to ensure that our clients, our partners and we make money. In order to achieve it, we enlist the cooperation of talented and motivated people, which is a key factor in our developing profitable products for clients and expanding our business. Since 2013, we have established three branch offices in Moscow, Kiev and Almaty. Two of the them have already paid off, and we keep looking for new partners.

Full support

We will help the franchisee at all the stages of the preparation, launching and management of the branch office. On average, it takes approximately two months to open the office after the contract has been signed. The more time-efficient you manage to be in following our recommendations, the sooner you can open the branch.

  • Preparation for launching
    We will handle legal formalities
    Before the franchise is opened, our lawyers will research the laws of your country to ensure that your operation of the franchise is not prohibited by law. They will also provide you with the templates of the contracts that the franchisee is to conclude with employees or clients. If there are any problems through no fault of the franchisee, our lawyers will assist in addressing them.
    We will provide you with the following templates:
    • the equipment rental agreement,
    • the form of consent for the collection and processing of personal data,
    • the employment contract.
  • Opening the office
    We will ready the office for operation
    The franchisee’s office is the face of the company. This is where the employees are going to meet clients and conduct training courses in trading and investing, so it is of great importance that the office looks presentable.
    The recommended office area is 150 m2 so that it can accommodate the reception room, the training and conference room, the sales department office, the director’s office and several meeting rooms.
    We will provide recommendations on the selection of suitable premises in your city as well as redecoration and furnishing. What you will have to do is find the office space and reach an agreement with the lessor as far as rental conditions are concerned. You are to obtain the franchise manager’s approval of the office space before you make the first rent payment.
    We will consult you on furnishing the office and ordering the equipment, providing detailed technical specifications for computers, laptops and other devices.
    The conference room and the office of investment consultants in Almaty. We choose light and spacious offices to cater for employees’ comfort.
    By opening date, you will have a turnkey office where your employees will be able to come and start calling potential clients or meeting them for consultations right way.
  • Personnel recruitment
    We will find and train professional specialists in your region
    First, we will perform labour market research in your region to determine which types of specialists there are and what their salary is. We will be looking for key employees – the sales department team leader and investment consultants – in the first place.
    We will prepare job advertisements and post them on the Internet ourselves. Our recruiters will review CVs and invite applicants for testing. The testing is meant to filter out those who are obviously not suitable for the job, and the rest will be invited for an interview.
    We will hire:
    • the secretary,
    • the sales department team leader,
    • investment consultants (sales managers).
    In the process of testing, we will be evaluating applicants on the basis of 12 criteria. The applicant suitable for the position of an investment consultant is to have an average “positive outlook” score and high persistence, communication skills and attentiveness scores.
    The applicants for the head of the sales department position will be interviewed by the development director. The latter will ask the applicants to describe their performance at the previous place of employment and to compare it to the performance of their former colleagues, which will help us assess the applicant’s competencies.
    We are going to forward those who we deem to be the best to a personal interview with you, so that you can select the people you find the most comfortable to work with.
    • the secretary,
    • the sales department team leader,
    • investment consultants (sales managers).
  • Employee training
    We will train the employees and monitor their performance
    As soon as you have hire the sales department team leader and a team of investment consultants, we will start the training.
    The development director and the chief analyst will educate the employees about our key concepts, business model, mission and products. We have recorded a webinar and prepared training materials so that this information is available for revision. We have also developed scripts for cold calls to potential clients, which will help determine the product most suitable for the clients and reason their fears away.
    We will provide you with:
    • the CRM system manual,
    • training materials concerning our products,
    • cold call scripts.
  • Marketing and advertising
    We will prepare advertising materials for you
    We will provide you with ready-to-use layouts of banners, business cards, plaques, commercial proposals and other materials. The layout contains both the design and the text, so you will not have to invent anything.
    We will develop an advisory media plan for you, specifying which advertising should be placed where and when, and how its efficiency can be measured. Open in Google Docs
    If you would like to adapt any of the materials for your region or create new ones, we will provide our editor, designer and front- and back-end developers. They will prepare new advertising materials conforming with our brand book and editorial policy within the specified timeframe.
  • Branch operation monitoring
    We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the sales department
    You will be able to fully monitor the operation of the sales department by means of a specially configured CRM system, which is browser-based, so no software installation on your computer will be required.
    Have an overview of all client activitiesCheck who could not be reached by your consultants, who has registered and who has made a deposit.
    Measure efficiencyAnalyse what makes you lose and what makes you earn money, which product yields the largest number of deposits and where clients come from.
    Expose idlersCheck whether investment consultants meet the plans: how many calls they make in a day and how long the calls are.
    Solve problems in timeUsing the CRM system every day, you will notice it immediately if your business starts losing money. It will also allow you to see where the problem lies and to solve it.
    Forecast incomeThe branch office’s income depends on how much your clients trade and how much money they make. The system will send you daily reports containing these data. You can use the reports to calculate the income of the branch on your own on the basis of the data in the following columns:
    • moneyIN: the amount of money your clients have deposited.
    • moneyAUT: the profit that your clients have withdrawn from their accounts.
    • volume: trading volume which is the basis of your commission.
    We have protected the CRM from theft. Your employees will not be able to see the clients’ numbers, so the data base cannot be downloaded and resold to your competitors.
    The CRM system will allow you to monitor the operation of the branch office as a whole and the performance of each individual investment consultant, so you can immediately notice that someone is failing to meet the plan targets and take action.
  • Employee performance monitoring
    We will improve your employees’ qualification
    Our quality assurance personnel will regularly listen to your employees’ conversations with clients and fill in feedback sheets, stating the consultant’s strengths and weaknesses. On the basis of the feedback, we will make decisions on whether to try and improve the employee’s performance or discharge them.
    We evaluate the performance of investment consultants on the basis of 28 criteria, which help us understand what the consultant is good at and which mistakes he or she makes.
    If several employees make the same mistake, the flaw could be in the training programme. In such case, we will provide additional training for current consultants and change the training programme for the newly employed ones.
  • Assistance in daily tasks
    We will allocate you a personal manager and coordinator
    When the franchise starts operating, we will provide you with a personal manager and coordinator. The manager will help you in business development and task-setting. The coordinator will teach you and the secretary to deal with daily activities and refer you to the company lawyer or accountant if you need their assistance.
    We will always be in touch and ready to help with any issues.
  • Client support
    We will solve the clients’ problems ourselves
    As soon as a client has made the first deposit, you will refer him or her to our account manager, who will assist the client in depositing and withdrawing money, answer any questions about the trading platform and recommend new products or training.

    All of the above does not mean the franchisee has nothing to do
    We will set up a monthly sales plan that the franchisee is to meet. In case the franchisee fails to meet the sales plan targets for 7 months, we will withdraw the franchise. We will readily assist with advice and some services, but we are not going to do the franchisee’s work or finance the franchisee’s operation.
Concise business plan and detailed presentation
We will call you back within two business days in order to make acquaintance, and then we will send you the business plan and the presentation by e-mail.

High-quality investment products

We aim to shatter the common stereotype that it is impossible to make money on financial markets. It is exactly for this purpose that we develop investment products bringing profit to clients.

For traders
  • Direct ECN
    an account providing access to all financial markets
    A trading accounts that is best suited for scalpers, algorithmic traders and news traders.
    The average speed of order execution: 114 ms. Trading servers are located on the EQUINIX hosting.
  • Analytics
    that works
    Our analysts select the best trading ideas and post them on the web page, on Telegram and on Instagram.
    Each idea features a brief market situation analysis, the entry point and the exit point. The analysts use easily understandable layman terms in their texts.
  • Trust management platform
    for PAMM and MAM accounts
    The MAM account manager can change the allocation method and ratio on their own as well as create hybrid MAM accounts to manage a pool of investors from several master accounts.
    Convenient for the manager:
    • keeps working when the computer is switched off;
    • accounts can be managed by means of a web interface;
    • 4 types of management fees that are paid automatically;
    • integrated loss limits for the trader and the investor.
  • FIX Protocol
    You can provide your clients with access to liquidity through FIX Protocol.
For investors
  • Model portfolios
    Master accounts are managed by our analysts. The client can connect to any account in order to copy positions.
    The client can choose one of the three strategies:
    1. Copying only currency positions that are to close within 1–2 days.
    2. Copying medium-term and long-term stock positions.
    3. Copying both currency positions and stock positions.
  • Trust management
    Our team consisting of a trader, an analyst and a risk manager will be trading with the clients’ money.
    The client can choose one of the two strategies:
    1. Conservative. For those who prefer preserving their capital without taking major risks;
    2. Optimal. For those who are ready to take larger risks for larger profits.

    Maximum risk in case of the conservative strategy is 0.5% per transaction and 3% per day.

Fair conditions

We are looking for like-minded partners who want their clients to make money by trading and investing. We offer fair conditions to franchisees.

  • Lump-sum payment: $10,000
    The above covers full support of opening the franchise and running the business, including assistance in handling legal documents; recommendations for the redecoration and furnishing of the office; personnel recruitment, training and qualification improvement; access to the CRM system; marketing materials; client support; development of investment products.
    Profitability: 30%
  • Income: 15% of the profit of investing clients + $4 per lot
    The franchisee is to attract investing clients; and, when the attracted investors start making money in investment products, the franchisee receives 15% of the profit. In addition, we pay $4 for each lot traded by the franchisee’s clients.
    Pay-back period: 12-14 months
    Break-even point: 5 months after launching provided that the franchisee meets the sales plans
  • Minimum budget: $40,000
    The above covers office rent, redecoration and furnishing as well as the 5-month salary fund. The minimum budget can change depending on the region where you are opening the branch office.
  • Training for the franchisee and employees
    Before the branch office opens, we will train its employees in all the intricacies of our products. The training will be initially conducted by Skype. When the office space has been prepared, the development director will pay a visit to meet and train the team in person.
  • Always ready to help
    We will always be there for you. If the franchisee is not happy with a contractor, we will find a new one and make arrangements. If investment consultants fail to meet the plan targets, we will analyse their work and advise on how to fix their mistakes.
  • You will have to work hard
    The franchise will be your business; and its development, your responsibility. We will establish a monthly sales plan that your employees are to meet. If anything goes wrong, we will analyse the situation and help you with advice; however, no-one is going to do the sales work but you. The business will not succeed without your initiative.
    If you merely want to invest your money and make millions without having to do anything, the NAS Broker franchise should rather not be your choice.
  • Profitability: 30%
  • Pay-back period: 12-14 months
  • Break-even point: 5 months after launching provided that the franchisee meets the sales plans

We are looking for like-minded partners

We strive for creating a successful scalable business, in which our clients, our partners and we make money. This is why we are looking for proactive partners who share our mission: making investment and trading a new source of income for our clients. We value:

  • Professionalism
    We work with people who perform. At the moment, we have 156 employees who have helped us to launch 2 franchises that have already paid off, to post profitable trading ideas for clients and to enhance traders’ personal area.
  • Reliability
    We are determined to ensure that our clients make a lot of money and stay with us for several years, so we develop financial products with the sole purpose of generating profit for the clients while keeping the risk level acceptable.
  • Technology
    We work with Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms. We also cooperate with the Integral ECN system to make sure that our clients get the best price on the market.

Franchisee’s references

I specialise in production companies, but I decided to diversify my business at a certain point. Not exactly wanting to start a company from scratch in an entirely new sphere, I bought a NAS Broker franchise. After the contract was signed, Nikolai, the development director, and his team helped me open the branch office in Kiev.
During the first month, the business yielded $ 6,000, and in the fourth month it reached the break-even point. The project paid off in 20 months, which is a good result for me because a new production facility would take much longer.
I would recommend NAS Broker to those who want to launch their own business and are looking for reliable partners. The company representatives were actively involved in helping me run mine and fulfilled all of our agreements”.
Aleksei Kashurin
Concise business plan and detailed presentation
We will call you back within two business days in order to make acquaintance, and then we will send you the business plan and the presentation by e-mail.